Founded in 2016 by Alexus Malone, A.R.M Beauty Collection was created to educate her audience while enjoying beauty advice, products, and content. After losing 4 essential people in her life , in a short time of 1 year. Alexus began to focus on makeup as a form of therapy and expression. During that year, Alexus accepted clientele for events , weddings, and photo shoots. Eventually,she started to dabble into formulations while studying Chemistry in college. She noticed there was a lack of black woman beauty brands and, decided to create her own. Currently, she is finishing her BSN with plans to grow into the nursing field as a APRN . Finally after combining her two passions (beauty and health),she decided to relaunch her brand in 5/2019. As of May 1,2019, A.R.M Cosmetics Rx was created. A.R.M Cosmetics RX encourages beauty consumers to utilize makeup as a form of creative expression. We believe focusing on your self for at least 30 mins to 2 hrs , while using our products will help with what ever is on your mind.